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TCM Acupuncture by Carla Love MSc, PGDip Acu., MBAcC

Halcyon Acupuncture is based in Leigh and Warrington and offers Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments to patients locally and from the surrounding vicinity, such as Croft, Culcheth, Lowton, Birchwood, St. Helens, Padgate, Golborne and Wigan. Treatments are also provided for Fertility Fusion patients, as well as fertility patients from elsewhere.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been practised for thousands of years in China and the East as the main healthcare system. It is used to treat a vast range of health conditions and issues, physical, mental and emotional. It is a holistic treatment, addressing not only the presenting condition but also any root cause or deeper issues. Today, it is practised all around the world and people use it as an alternative to or alongside Western Healthcare.

Halcyon Acupuncture views each patient as an individual and each treatment will be specifically devised and focused entirely on creating the most successful outcome. A range of TCM techniques can be selected to help with your concerns. If the body can be balanced and become more tranquil, then we are taking the first steps to recovery.

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